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Worthless Degrees Are Creating an Unemployable Generation in India Slashdot

The University of Texas at Dallas’ School of Economic, Political & Policy Sciences is one of the most influential schools of its type, and offers UT Dallas’ Master of Public Administration (MPA) diploma program. The MPA prepares degree candidates to excel within the areas of leadership and administration in nonprofit organizations and government businesses. Students are required to complete 36 graduate credit score items in addition to a capstone project and an internship for degree graduates with out public administration experience. Graduates find rewarding careers as a advisor, administration professional of a nonprofit, HR manager or metropolis manager, among others. The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences presents University of Utah’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) diploma program, which requires the completion of forty two credit score units.

Even if a few courses might offer some valuable insights to enhance their work, obtaining a degree in photography or videography is likely an impractical use of time and money. If you’re truly interested in the field of fashion design, be prepared to battle unemployment and disappointment. Many students who obtain a degree in fashion design are left looking for a job in a different field and find it wildly unsuccessful, as few employers consider their education relevant. Culinary arts may teach students how to cook and make their food look presentable but it doesn’t teach them many skills beyond this. A degree may look good on a resume if you’re interested in pursuing a job as a cook or chef after college but any other career will consider your training useless.

The Modi administration is also trying to address the shortcomings in the education sector in its 2020 new education policy, committing to improve the quality of its institutions. It’s also begun the process of allowing leading foreign universities to set up campuses and award degrees in the country. India’s education industry is projected to hit $225 billion by 2025 from $117 billion in 2020, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation, a government trust. That’s still much smaller than the US education industry, where spending is estimated to be well above $1 trillion. In India, public spending on education has been stagnant at about 2.9% of GDP, much lower than the 6% target set in the government’s new education policy.

  • And that’s fine — just make sure you’re seriously aware of the implications of your major before you start.
  • The medical school is part of RKDF Group, a well known name in central India, which has wide network of colleges in areas from engineering to medicine and management.
  • Additionally, education majors typically undergo rigorous placements at schools of their interest to receive student teaching experience.
  • Binghamton University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) diploma helps form tomorrow’s leaders within the subject of public service.
  • The first master’s degree program in public administration was established on the University of Michigan in 1914 as a part of the Department of Political Science.

In general, individuals possessing a psychology degree face significant employability challenges. Although you may become a talented writer with a creative writing degree you’re not going to make enough money to make ends meet unless you publish a major novel or childrens story. Creative writers don’t learn the skills of journalism or the technicality of linguistics to pursue a job writing for a newspaper or other news company. Some of the tech world’s top executives, like Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, come from India’s top colleges. But scores of people with worthless degrees — who’ve graduated from lesser-known private institutes — lack the basic skills required to secure a job, per Bloomberg. In the heart of Bhopal is a bustling market with institutes training for civil services, engineering and management.

Diploma Colleges

The variety of bachelor’s levels in public administration/public policy has been rising over the past two decades, as has the variety of available minors in the field. Useless here means low returns after completing graduation, scarcity of jobs for the given degree etc. Unemployment is a ticking time bomb because close to a third of the nation’s youth aren’t working, studying or under training, according to the World Bank.

  • Indeed, to achieve anything within either field requires at least a doctorate, and even then — with all that debt, time and effort — there is no guarantee of a viable career.
  • They are geared up with useful tools and strategies to deal with the challenges of public administration.
  • While a prestigious doctorate from Harvard or Yale may land you at an excavation site, likely, the majority of degree’s won’t even get you out of your backyard.
  • Anthropology investigate’s human civilizations and their cultural development while archaeology examines human history by unearthing artifacts and remains.
  • In most cases, students who pursue a Bachelor’s degree major in one of the majors above will have a difficult time finding jobs after graduation.

Students without public administration work experience are also required to complete a 3-credit internship program. Coursework consists of Budgeting, Public Policy, Research Methods, Government Administrative Theory, and Program Evaluation. The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Master of Public Administration diploma program has acquired accreditation from the Commission on Peer Review & Accreditation (NASPAA). The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration provides George Washington University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program. The MPA requires the completion of 40 credit score hours spread amongst conventional classroom research, superior electives a capstone venture and/or subject experiences.

Computer Science

If photography is your passion, for example, commercial gigs, such as photographing weddings, could pay the bills while you work on developing a more creative portfolio on the side. You could even turn your artistic talents into a viable business further down the line. These ratios are pretty evident in showing that for the majority of the students these top colleges are only a far fetched dream.

It has become the de facto degree for anyone unsure what to do with their lives after high school. It can certainly be a great subject to study, but the chief problem is that the market has become oversaturated. This means that there are more graduates with computer science degrees than there are jobs available. It is the subject in which a student learns about the policies and hirerchy of the governmental system of India.

भारत की सबसे बेकार Degrees ( – Most useless degrees in India

Additionally, education majors typically undergo rigorous placements at schools of their interest to receive student teaching experience. After all of these channels have been completed, it is only then that an education major can expect to get a job. Choosing a culinary or trade school over a conventional college or university degree could be a more prudent decision for those genuinely dedicated to forging a career in the culinary arts. This approach https://1investing.in/ enables you to receive specialized training in your chosen field while saving both time and money. That is not to say that a biology degree is useless, per se, but rather that it can only be used as a steppingstone to further studies in order to build a successful career. So, unless you pursue postgraduate education and further training, unfortunately, you’ll find that there are only a few limited opportunities both within and outside this field.


While institutions publicize campus placement to students, many aren’t able to fulfill the promise. In 2017, one institution in the eastern state of Odisha gave fake job offers during campus placements leading to protests by students. I know you mean well, but this article didn’t dissuade me from following my passions…society did. The economy speaks for itself, data speaks for itself, my empty bank account speaks for itself. While yes Education is low paying, there’s a pretty big job guarantee if you want to be a teacher.

The SRK University and RKDF University of the RKDF group didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. On its website, the group says it provides quality education through teaching and imparting practical skills while making an effort to provide strong infrastructure and facilities. “We do face a challenge in hiring as specific skill sets required for the industry are not currently easily available in the market,” said Yeshwinder Patial, director for human resources at MG Motor India. Around the world, students are increasingly pondering the returns on a degree versus the cost. She was a nice enough lady but also almost as broke as I was at the time if I recall. For someone so full of peace and harmony, she looked like she was always going to punch someone in the eye.

Film, video, and photographic arts

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) acknowledges GWU’s MPA degree program among the top MPA applications. Available concentrations include Emergency, Nonprofit, International, and Public Management, plus Policy Studies, 3rd Party Governance, and Public Policy, among others. Students can earn their Master of Public Administration degrees from Columbia University in as little as 21 months. The fast-paced program focuses on public policy growth, managerial abilities, and analytical capabilities. The MPA is obtainable to professionals with no less than three years of work or internship experience. The world observe requires a yr overseas in Australia whereas the Washington DC observe requires a yr learning within the nation’s capital.

In January, charges were filed against Himachal Pradesh-based Manav Bharti University and its promoters for allegedly selling fake degrees, according to a press release from the Directorate of Enforcement. The medical school is part of RKDF Group, a well known name in central India, which has wide network of colleges in areas from engineering to medicine and management. In May last year, police in Hyderabad arrested the vice chancellor of RKDF Group’s Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University as well as his predecessor for alleged involvement in giving out fake degrees. Still, students could be seen flooding into several of RKDF’s institutions in Bhopal. One branch had posters of their “Shining Stars” – students who were placed in jobs after graduating. Promises like this are hard to resist for millions of young men and women dreaming of a better life in India’s dismal employment landscape.

The program has since expanded to a full graduate college, which is named the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. Besides profession in government, there are many methods you should use your expertise and data acquired by a level in Public Administration. First, as with the degree in photography students are typically talented in their area of interest or they’re not. Those who are not talented can not expect to learn what they need to succeed in classes. While STEM subjects may be more in demand, not everyone wants to be an engineer, doctor or scientist.

Coursework includes Public Values, Public Service, Leadership, Public Policy Economics, and Applied Statistics, amongst others. Courses are geared for college students who goal to run authorities places of work and non-profit organizations. Ethical issues and accountability are mentioned in depth by way of the courses as a approach to put together professionals for public service jobs.

While the 1% may earn the big bucks, the harsh reality is that acting is a poorly paid, unrewarding job; an existence tough enough as it is, without the additional burden of crippling debt. Indeed, in an industry where who you know is just as important as what you know, the chance to build some contacts within the industry is actually quite useful. He is a self-taught programmer and created Fixedjob by himself at the age of 17. Bloomberg’s interviews with youths in India revealed several reasons for spending money on higher education, like boosting their economic status to attract better suitors for marriage, and getting government jobs. A study by an employee assessment firm Wheebox revealed that half of all future graduates in India would be unemployable because of flaws in the country’s education system.